Welcome to Eswatini Medical Christian University!

Around 2006, the Africa Continent Mission, Korean donors and the government of Eswatini denoted that it is self-serving for the Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini to constitute a conducive environment for the establishment of undergraduate medical training facilities in Eswatini. In view of that, the Eswatini Medical Christian University (EMCU) (former Swaziland Christian University) in collaboration with the Government of Eswatini set up a School of Medicine to open doors for its medical sciences in 2019. Besides efforts to offer Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree program, other undergraduate degree programs which included but not limited to Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiography, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Psychology, Social Works and Computer Science were already introduced in 2013.
With our LORD’s gracious guidance, EMCU has been growing continuously to about 900 students and 90 staff members. Also as of 2018,

EMCU had the first and second graduation ceremonies already and offered degrees to 430 graduates mainly in health science area. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who have made invaluable contributions to the successful establishment of EMCU.
EMCU would like to promise to become an engine in making a big difference in the real world through high-quality teaching and innovative research, surpassing traditional boundaries with cutting-edge and indigenous knowledge. With help from outstanding Christian scholars, students will have an opportunity to grow and become responsible and broad-minded experts to contribute as future visionaries in their society. Our faculty and staff members are dedicated in helping them to achieve their goals, whether students want to seek more deeply into scholarly research, or to discover and develop new skills that will enhance their professional careers. I wish students succeed in all of their endeavors.

We will build an open community of students and professors, academics and others, for free exchange of ideas to improve the university and society at large. Students are full‐pledged members of the research and learning community EMCU is building. In order to address issues of key importance for our present and future students, our faculty and staff members are always ready to hear from you. I invite you to visit our campus or further explore our website to learn more about the unique opportunities that set EMCU apart.
We just made the first step, and you are more than welcome to participate in this blessed program of EMCU. I look forward to working with you to build a top class Christian medical university where dreams of our graduates come true.


Chun G. Yoon, Ph.D.