Rev. Ig Jin Kim (PhD)

This office offers 6 courses. 

General Introduction to the Six Courses Offered by the Chaplain Office

In the rapidly changing world, it is necessary for students to understand what it means to be a Christian. It is interesting to note that the number of Christians, in the world, is more than what it was at any other time in the history of Christianity.  In order to win the whole world to Jesus Christ, Christian professionals need to pursue a worldview based on the Word of God, the Bible, when dealing with issues that affect humanity especial in areas such as medicine, technology, ethics, humanities, etc.
The Chaplain Office seeks to help students, in their various fields to study, to think critically so that they could make informed decision that would benefit a human person who was created in the image of God.
Level I
At this level, students are introduced to what Christianity is from the Bible. This level pays attention to the main message of early Church, “Jesus is Christ.” Students will learn how the Son of God, Messiah, was revealed in the world through incarnation in the historical character of Jesus. Furthermore, the theological meaning of “Jesus Christ” will be highlighted.   
This course aims to help the students to appreciate the importance of morality and ethics in human life. To fulfil this task this course introduces, different views on ethics are studies and reconciled to Christian and Biblical ethics. The course will highlight the creation of man after the image of the holy Trinitarian God in view of assisting the students embrace the holy life of Jesus Christ. The above happens in the context of faith and grace.
Level II
At this level, students learn the Biblical view of the world so that they could understand the real world as God’s creation. The emphasis of this course is to reveal to the students that Christ Jesus came to the earth to establish the Kingdom of God. The Biblical doctrine of kingdom as God’s sovereignty in His creation, especially among His people, will be illuminated.
Level III
EMCU graduates will be leaders in various circumstances. They need to be taught and trained so that they may be authentic leaders. This level introduces a variety of leaderships presented in the world.
The aim of this course is to enlighten the students that believing in God and learning in the world can be integrated in their essence. It will further bring the students to be aware of the truth that studies of secondary causes for science and studies of primary causes for faith must be distinguished but cooperative.

Rev. Dr. Ig Kim

Head of Department