librarian 1

Mrs  J L  Khumalo

Statement on the Library Services

The Eswatini Medical Christian University Library was established in August 2015 with a collection mainly from the Health Sciences Faculties. In 2016 we increased our stock by purchasing books and eBooks to balance the resources for all 3 Faculties. Van Schaik invited us for a book exhibition, where Lecturers got desk copies from different publishers. We are also institutional members of the Eswatini University where we share resources.

The Library is located on the second double story building downstairs for ease of access. The Library has two staking rooms and a study space that can house students and staff. We also have discussion rooms. The Library strives to be the leader in the fields of information provision and knowledge management for academic excellence. Therefore, in addition to traditional library services, the library presents e-service to its clients, including e-books, e-journals, and web pages. In addition to that our students are supplied with tablets that have been uploaded with their textbooks.

The Library provides services like printing/photocopying machine, borrowing, and reference to mention a few. We have managed to purchase our Library Management System though not yet operational.  We are hoping to purchase more books and subscribe to Databases. Negotiations are also ongoing on building the state of the art Library in the near future.