ETANDO Ayukafangha
Head of Department


Departmental Research Focus



The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) at Swaziland Christian University offers a problem solving, practical-oriented and competency-based 4 year degree towards a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences programme competitive across the globe.

Medical Laboratory Scientist as an integral member of the health care team, performs laboratory medicine ranging from microscopic, microbiologic, chemical and molecular examinations of specimens from patients to provide high quality patient diagnosis. The profession involves analysis of a variety of specimens such as blood, urine stools, bone marrow, amniotic fluid, chorionic villus samples, sputum, organ tissues, cerebrospinal fluids and other samples to assure reliable test results which contribute to the prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, prognosis, and treatment of physiological and pathological conditions.

For successful completion of the academic requirements for the four (4) year programme, Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences in the faculty of Health Sciences, the student has to pass with a minimum of 50% (CGPA of 2.0) mark to progress to the next semester/level.  The academic semester takes a minimum of 14 teaching weeks per semester.