Pharmacy Department

mrs edwin

Mrs. Ngozi Edwin
Head of Department


Departmental Research Focus

Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy

The Bachelor of Pharmacy opened its doors to students for the first time in 2013 at the inception of the University and is thus one of the 5 founding departments at ESwatini Medical Christian University (EMCU). The Programme is the first of its kind and only degree programme in Pharmacy offered in the Kingdom of ESwatini.

At EMCU, we believe that the primary role of a pharmacist is to provide pharmaceutical care to patients. Imbedded in the curriculum is the 7 star Pharmacist model, derived from FIP standards and guidelines for good practice in training of pharmacists. There are 2 main concepts that are the fundamental philosophy of learning in the programme at EMCU;

  • Knowlwdge, skills, moral character
  • Curriculum Content and Educational Methods

The above concepts are based on the fact that better knowledge provides for a better basis to make judgment. Knowledge alone is not enough; the student also needs to acquire the prerequisite skills and Christian values to be a technically sound, responsible and compassionate pharmacist.

The curriculum and educational methods are also very important. Problem solving, critical thinking, communication, caring attitude and compassion can not be learnt by using the traditional models of education. Therefore the department prides itself in employing modern teaching techniques such as small group discussions, seminars, debates, presentations, scenario problems, field attachments and an interactive ICT enhanced learning approach.