Psychology Department

Dr Webster Chihambakwe
Head of Department


Departmental Research Focus


The Department of Psychology is the first academic department of this discipline in the country. We currently offer the 4 year Bachelor of Psychology degree, which is a well-rounded foundation to the field of psychology. We have integrated into various areas of focus which provides our students with a solid foundation in an undergraduate liberal arts education that will also allow them to pursue various specializations in the profession should they wish to pursue their post-graduate studies in Psychology. Our programme also integrates practical experience for our students where they have the opportunity to apply what they are learning in various organizations under the supervision of our faculty.

Whilst professional qualification to become a psychologist requires further post-graduate studies, our degree prepares students to competently pursue professional interests in the areas of human and social services, counselling, research, community development and human capital. Students are also equipped with analytical skills that enables them to engage critically with knowledge and develop problem-solving skills, open-mindedness and a broad understanding of human behavior which is beneficial to any other vocational and professional program.

As a department we aim to contribute valuable knowledge and skills in the areas of mental health care, human services and psychosocial interventions in the Kingdom of Eswatini. We aim to to achieve this through research output, training, community engagement and contributing our skills in various sectors which may benefit from the discipline of psychology.

The department of psychology currently comprises of 8 full-time staff members with a rich diversity and areas of interest to the field.