Radiography Department


Harvest Chinamale
Head of Department


Departmental Research Focus


This programme deals with teaching skills, knowledge and values for diagnostic imaging and safe application of ionising and non-ionising radiation whose sole purpose shall be to produce images of diagnostic value. The main aim of the programme is to produce competent Radiographers after successful completion of a four year course whose duty is to use different radiographic equipment to produce images that assist physicians in diagnosing different ailments of patients.  A Radiographer works in Diagnostic Imaging department (popularly known as X-ray department) in hospitals.


To produce outstanding and competent Radiographers through excellence in teaching and mentoring in accordance with the current innovation and advances in technology in imaging and research


To be one of the premier academic diagnostic imaging program in the Southern Africa


  • To always have quality education as our primary concern.
  • To maintain the highest ethical principles in our daily practice
  • To treat trainees and colleagues with utmost respect
  • To foster an environment of inclusion
  • To continually seek to improve ourselves and our profession
  • To be good stewards of resources as provided by the institution
  • To lead by example

 Programme Objectives

  • To produce high quality diagnostic radiographers for the health services.
  • To input adequate knowledge and understanding of basic radiographic and sonographic principles, techniques and applications.

Courses Offered

In addition to generic courses offered to all university students in the first year of study, the following radiographic subjects are offered and spread over a four year period of study

Radiographic Physics

Psychodynamics of Patient Management I & II

Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II

Radiation Science I, II, III & IV

Radiographic Techniques I, II & III

Introduction to Health Statistics

Radiographic Photography I & II

Radiographic Anatomy I & II


Radiopharmacology and Contrast Studies


Principles of Management

Research Methods

Cross Sectional Anatomy

Radiographic Pathology I & II

Pelvic and Obstetric Ultrasound

Abdominal Ultrasound  & Small Parts

Pattern Recognition

The students are also involved in clinical practice in Radiography Skills Lab as well as in hospitals around the country during their course of study