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Dr  Clement  Langa
Student Affairs Director

Student Affairs


The Office of the Dean of the Students’ Affairs (DSA) welcomes you. The DSA is responsible for a comprehensive range of services to support Eswatini Medical Christian University (EMCU) students from first year through to graduation.

Graduating with a degree is an extremely rewarding experince. Whether you are first year or fourth year student, there may be times you have a  question or find yourself in a situation that requires some assistance.

The Office of the DSA provides resources for students at the EMCU to be successful on their educational journey: it aspires to develop patnerships that builds welcoming and engaging enviroment. The Office of the DSA, working through an array of programs, aims to promote the wellness of every EMCU student.

DSA & Counselling Services

The DSA Office helps and guides EMCU students with personal and study-related issues, for example, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts. It is not easy to concentrate if you are mourning a person who is dear to you. Students are free to contact the DSA for confidential personal conversations about questions that bother them regardless of their religion.

DSA and the Chaplain Office

The Chaplain Office at the Eswatini Christian University has been given a task of transforming the educational environment of the University so that the community and the nation can benefit. It has  now been operational for four years. Over that length of time, our university has seen an increase in the number of departments, students, as well as responsibilities. The Chaplain Office and the Office of the DSA work together to address issues faced by students.

DSA and Spirituality

The university offers offers multiple settings to explore spirituality and practices that nurture spiritual life.  In collaboration with the Chaplain Office, the Office of the DSA takes a lead in organizing programs that are relavant. EMCU offers students access to skilled spiritual care through the Chaplain Office and the DSA Office. Ultimately, the most important thing the Dean of the Student Affairs Office does is to foster a safe and a supportive university culture that reflects the intellectual and spiritual development pioneered by the Founder of the university, Pastor Chong Yang Kim. Staff and students gather on Wednesday morning for a community chapel led by students, Chaplain Office and guest preachers. Students also meet at noon throughout the week for worship and spiritual formation.

The DSA is committed to recognising and responding to the concerns of students, including the following non academic issues:-

-Student complaints

-Students rights and responsibilities


-Counselling: healthy relationships, suicide prevention, stress management and meditation

-Policies, precedures and information about appeals

If a family member has a difficulty contacting a student in time of crisis, such as a death in a family, the  DSA may be contacted.

DSA and Achievements

Its list of accomplishements, last year, includes the followings:-

-Successfully hosting the 2018 World Population Day, The above event is the initiative of the United Nation and is celebrated in July every year.

-Improvement of the university’s orientation program for first year students. Orientation is an essential and exciting program that introduces incoming students to all aspects of campus life, and prepares returning students for another year at EMCU.