Mr. Sebenta Menon

Acting Dean of Faculty

Mr. Ziphozonke Dlamini

Faculty Tutor


Computer Science Staff


Faculty of Information Communication and Technology

The Bachelor of Computer Science degree is of four years’ duration organized in eight semesters. We draw courses offered from Liberal Arts and Computer Programming Courses, Computer System Courses, Computer Network Technology, Mobile Programming

The Department at Eswatini Medical Christian University cultivates competent Computer Scientists through profound academic theories and practical methods. It provides a high quality of education through a curriculum tailor-made for an information and technology-based society. It focuses on experiments and hands-on experience to enhance the expertise of students.

The Department’s primary aim is to foster leaders with practical knowledge and expertise. It is the Department’s objective to ensure educate creative engineers with talent in IT to be pioneers in related knowledge and technology, to develop students’ abilities to solve problems for the benefit of highly industrialized societies, to meet the diverse and complicated labour demands of modern society by educating talented information and communication engineers to solve problems comprehensively in the related fields of academics, technology, economy and culture, to educate dedicated people who serve the local community with professional ethics and sense of responsibility and finally to nurture talented individuals who set long-term goals and dedicate themselves to not only local, but also national interests with a sense of responsibility and community.

In order to meet its educational goals, the programs of the Department Computer Science (CS) will specialize and focus on practical knowledge and technology, through which the graduates receive great recognition from the industry and lead IT-related industries. Students are trained and geared to be self-sufficient, encouraged to be innovative and look for ICT opportunities as leaders in start-up companies.

The Bachelor of Computer Science degree is designed to cater for the needs of high school students; wishing to pursue studies in computer engineering. Courses offered in the bachelor degree program provide adequate competencies that provide sufficient preparation for computer software engineering.