Founder's Statement

The establishment of the Swaziland Christian University was a dream come true for the Africa Continent Mission.

My wish has always been to create an institution where Christian values and ethics would be held to the highest esteem.

This University is the brainchild of the Africa Continent Mission, whose missionary works have given birth to what we celebrate today. As the founder of the institution it gives me pleasure to see young Swati people being trained in all the critical health science fields, in an environment that not only feeds their brains but also shapes their spiritual side of life.

It humbles me to know that through the works of the Africa Continent Mission, Swaziland will in the future have professionals and experts in the field of health sciences who will offer their services with integrity, honesty, diligence, and a strong Christian background.

We thank His Majesty the King for allowing Africa Continent Mission to make such a mark in the Kingdom.

We also thank His Majesty’s Government for supporting us as we make this dream come through.

Appreciation also goes to our donors from Korea.

This dream has not yet ended. There is still a long way to go. Let us all work together to uplift the University to world class status, as part of His Majesty’s 2022 Vision.

God Bless You