The Library Department’s vision is to develop, organize, provide access to and preserve materials to meet the needs of present and future generations of students and scholars.


The mission is to provide a dynamic learning environment and quality, user-centered services that enhance teaching, learning and research while helping clients to think critically and inculcating lifelong learning skills and fostering human development.


  • To fulfil the teaching and teaching needs of the EMCU community
  • To provide materials both in conventional and e-format
  • To organize the collection according to internationally accepted standards, to allow easy retrieval
  • To promote resource sharing, networking and exchange of databases
  • To promote standards, guidelines and best practices
  • To adopt information dissemination strategies, Current awareness services and selective dissemination of information, to ensure optimum utilization of available resources
  • To select and acquire up-to-date information resources in all formats that are relevant to the information needs of EMCU.

Executive Summary

The Library is a focal point of the University. The library is slowly fulfilling its mandate of providing its clients with the relevant information resources and that of helping clients find materials as fast as possible. Our statistics show an increase in numbers of clients who borrow conventional materials, despite the fact that our clientele use e-books and Internet sources more than the physical books in the library.

The yearly orientation has played a major role in encouraging the use of the Library.  The upgrading of the library also enhanced the physical appearance of the information place. Van Schaik Swaziland Branch is collaborating with our institution in many ways other than supplying us with ordered books this time around they have added books in our Library.

Library Book Statistics


A total of 566 books were issued out from April 2018 to March 2019. This number excludes books that are read inside the library that includes: Reference books, Academic Reference books, Circulation books and e-books.


The 1st and 2nd year students have a challenge of not having University ID cards that are used to borrow books from the Library. As much as they are allowed to use their National IDs, it is not conducive for them as from time to time they need to use their IDs for different activities. Other students opt to take pictures of the pages they are interested in or photocopy.


A total of 41 books were issued to lecturers across all departments. The majority of the lecturers prefer Internet sources, and they also encourage the students to do likewise. The e-format sources come in handy as most of our students have Tablets, those who do not have, use cell phones as an alternative.


In addition to the existing websites, the department now has a Genesis Library that has over 2 million e- books and journals that our users can access, download and print.

Photocopying machine

A sum of E2,555.00 was generated through the library photocopying service this financial year.


New students enrolled in EMCU are welcomed into the library for a special orientation activity. The Library staff takes them around the library in groups according to their departments. Currently the department makes them fill forms that they will use to borrow books from the library. In future we hope to automate our Library system.

Extension of Library Hours

The Library extends operation hours during Examinations after consultation with students.


Group study spaces are in high demand. We have upgraded, enhanced and expanded our group study rooms by converting the former IT office and the store room to create two study rooms.


The library received a facelift following the painting of the walls.

Van Schaik Book Donation

The donation consisted of six Psychology books, two Statistics, one Economics and one Local Government. Apart from the books, the company also donated 29 Diaries, 50 Desk Calendars and 100 wall Calendars, a gesture they have done consistently since 2016.This is appreciated because without their donation the University would not be in a position to purchase such necessary items for the staff members given the current financial situation.

Publishers Exhibition

Van Schaik has been instrumental in inviting the Publishers, University Librarians and Lecturers to meet and discuss areas of interest so that the publishers can always up-date Academicians on the status of their desk copies. During the Exhibition they give Lecturers free desk copies. This has gone a long way in improving our information resources as a young University.