MBBS Program in Medical Science

The MBBS programme in Medical Science in the Faculty of Medicine is a 6-year course (12 Semester) that, when you successfully accomplish, you become a primary physician in Eswatini.

Purpose of the MBBS Programme
Is to produce medical doctors whose knowledge, professional skills, and practice in medicine are in tune with the needs of society. The training shall accommodate the learning environment conductive to the pursuit of professional competence by health workers, while providing quality services to the community and undertaking relevant transitional research for enhancement of health. The faculty will continually strive for the establishment of training programmes in a wide spectrum of health disciplines and lending support to the human resource development initiatives of the country, including postgraduate education of physicians and scientists.

Goals of the MBBS Programme
a) To prepare students to become exceptional medical doctors to advance the health of our community and beyond, b) To foster an environment that creates and supports outstanding educators, c) Ensure that all medical students graduate with the expertise to analyse and integrate advances in medicine, d) Increase the number of students who pursue careers as medical scientists, and e) Instill a culture of professionalism, respect and commitment for patients, learners and peers.

Student Admission

A. Criteria for Admission

1. Ordinary Entry

A minimum of Six credits at B grade (70%) or better
obtained in ‘A’ Level (Advanced Level), AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary Level),
International Baccalaurealte (IB) and its equivalent in the following:

o Mathematics


o Chemistry

A minimum C grade in English language will be

And B grade or better in any two of the following:
Physics, Human and Social

Biology, Combined Science, and any other subjects.

2. Degree Holder Graduate Entry

A recognized Bachelor of Science in Science, Nursing, Pharmacy,
Environmental Health Sciences, Medical Laboratory, Biotechnology and any other
degree in health-related field may be admitted into year 1.

B. Application documents for MBBS program Admission

1. Application form (refer the website; www.emcu.ac.sz)

2. Recommendation letter (by relevent mentor)

3. Graduation certificate of final school

4. Academic achievement document of final school

C. More Information

1. The deadline for application is June 28th (Friday), 2024.

2. Applicants of primary selection through document
screening will be subject to interview and writing assays examination (To be

3. Finally selected applicants will be announced
through the website and notified by email (To be announced).